Nicholas' Never2Young Story (diagnosed age 31)

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 bowel cancer at age 31. As a tradie, father, husband and mostly healthy guy, or so I thought, I never thought I would hear the words ' its cancer'. 

Like a lot of people, I brushed some early signs off putting it down to diet, a busy working life and any other reason I could think of. After a bit of on and off bleeding I went to my doctor thinking I would get a nice and simple answer to my issues. Little did I know the storm I was about to become the centre of. 

The following tests, oral chemo and radiation, surgeries, countless blood tests and injections, and finally a six-month course of chemo, changed me not just physically but mentally as well. 

The greatest challenge I faced was not the pain, sickness or exhaustion from treatment, it was the fear and frustration that I could not be the father or husband that I had promised my kids and wife that I was going to be. It was the fear that I would not be there to see my kids grow and to grow old with my wife.

Bowel Cancer... You're Never Too Young

Launched in 2014, Bowel Cancer Australia’s Bowel Cancer... You're Never Too Young initiative was created to provide bowel cancer resources uniquely designed for younger people.  

Offering practical and emotional support for the growing number of young people affected by bowel cancer (and their loved ones), championing what matters most to people living with or beyond young-onset bowel cancer, while challenging perceptions through dynamic campaigning that raises awareness and motivates action in all young Australians.

A highlight of the initiative is Never Too Young Awareness Week  -  a dedicated week during Bowel Cancer Awareness Month that highlights the unique challenges faced by people who are living with or beyond young-onset bowel cancer.

For further details and to become a #Never2Young Champion head to nevertooyoung.org.au

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