Dean's Never2Young Story (diagnosed age 35)

On April 30 2019 I went for a colonoscopy and knew it wasn’t good news straight away, we were sent for CT and MRI scans immediately after being discharged. On May 2 I was meeting my colorectal surgeon and was told I had Stage 4 colorectal cancer that had spread to my liver. It was a complete shock for me and my family. 

I had been living overseas since 2012 and moved back to Melbourne in September 2018. I had some symptoms that would come and go around the time we returned, but was consumed with settling back in after moving countries, finding work, renovating a house, and getting back onto the medicare system, which proved to be a challenge having been away for more than 5 years. 

Towards the end of May I was told it looks to have spread to my lungs, and will be starting chemotherapy on June 11.

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The biggest challenge has been watching everything unfold very quickly and the emotions it brings with it all, it affects more than just me. My wife, family, friends and work have all been affected. I’m very lucky to have such a great support network around me and very grateful to have moved back to Australia when we did. 

I’d like to see more people getting checked earlier, and speaking to their GP about it. My GP has been amazing, I was embarrassed but she listened to everything I had to say and sent me for a colonoscopy. My family members have since been checked and thankfully nothing was found, another friend overseas was checked upon hearing my news and they found polyps that could be removed. You’re never too young to get checked!”

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Never Too Young Awareness Week

WHAT: A dedicated week (3-9 June 2019) during Bowel Cancer Awareness Month honouring people who have been diagnosed with bowel cancer under the age of 50 and are now living with or beyond the disease, as well as honouring the memory of those who have passed away from young-onset bowel cancer. Sharing photos and stories to raise community awareness of bowel cancer and provide support to young people diagnosed with the disease.

WHEN: Held annually in June each year.

WHY: 1,413 Australians under the age of 50 are diagnosed with bowel cancer each year, and that number is growing. We’re not okay with that. You’re not either. Let’s shout it out and shake things up.

WHO: If you are living with or beyond young-onset bowel cancer or are a loved one  - we’d love you to join our community of #Never2Young Champions, and to encourage your friends, family and everyone else you know (and maybe even people you don’t) to support Never Too Young Awareness Week too.

Register now to become a #Never2Young Champion and help us spread the word that you’re never too young to have bowel cancer this Never Too Young Awareness Week.

We'll send you further details on how you can get involved, as well as a copy of the latest Never Too Young Awareness Week sign for you to share.


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