2017 Making An Impact
Bowel Cancer Australia Annual Review 2015
Advancements have occurred in prevention, detection and treatment of bowel cancer and with your help we have played a leading role. Mortality has declined by 13 per cent in 20 years and the five-year survival rate for early-stage bowel cancer today stands at 90 per cent.
With the launch of the government-funded National Bowel Cancer Screening Program (NBCSP) in 2006, thousands of Australians determined to be at risk of developing bowel cancer became eligible for their tax-payer funded bowel cancer screening. Unfortunately, a decade later, many Australians remain ineligible, which is incomplete and inconsistent with clinical guidelines, and will not be fully realised until 2020.
Proudly, we continue to bridge this gap. Five years since our launch of BowelScreen Australia® in collaboration with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, the test remains one of our most important and practical contributions to the battle against bowel cancer, enabling every Australian who wants to screen according to medical guidelines the ability to do so.
To encourage adherence to medical guidelines and treatment compliance, we upgraded our world first, bowel cancer app. Designed to be as convenient and easy to use as the BowelScreen Australia® test, the updated App 2.0 operates like a personal patient navigator, providing all of the valuable resources and tools available on the charity’s website, but with the advantage of a mobile friendly display and free messaging within the Bowel Cancer Australia Peer-to-Peer Support Network. 
To further assist Australians in their effort to reduce their risk of bowel cancer, we launched the ‘Nutrition + Lifestyle Challenge’. Based upon World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) evidence on food, nutrition, physical activity and the prevention of bowel cancer, the step-by-step program was co-developed by our Nutritionist to guide Australians in making better choices, focusing on long-term health. Together with BowelScreen Australia®, our 12-week online program for healthy living empowers individuals with a complete and convenient way to take responsibility for the aspects of their health they can control – prevention and early detection.
But it is only through a combination of increased participation in bowel cancer screening, diet and lifestyle modifications, and timely access to affordable treatment that we will see improvements in bowel cancer diagnoses and deaths. We continue to campaign tirelessly for all these things. With your support, we are helping Australians take responsibility to reduce their bowel cancer risk, take action to get screened where appropriate and take comfort knowing we are advocating for access to the best care and treatment available, should they ever need it.
Together, we are making an impact and truly creating change in how bowel cancer is perceived and treated, through the combination of our informative and educational resources, national research and treatment partnerships, personalised Peer-to-Peer Support Network with a medically trained Bowel Care Advisory Services team, and creative, cut-through campaigns.
As a very small charity making a very big impact, we rely heavily on others and gratefully recognise their ongoing support and contributions. Our dedicated board manage our resources with integrity and wisdom, making it possible for us to plan strategically for the future with confidence and certainty.
Bowel Cancer Australia is proudly 100% community funded and making a real and practical difference in saving lives and improving the health and wellbeing of people living with bowel cancer.

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